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Re: Cleansing face with WEN oils - a question

Doxie - that's good advice that I'll certainly use. I'm sure there's plenty of info out there. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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Re: Cleansing face with WEN oils - a question

@Colonel Meow wrote:

I've cleansed my face with the oils a few times, but am not sure that I'm doing it as efficaciously as possible. I've never really cleansed with oils, but I know that a few of you ladies are pros and might be able to guide me.


I wear a full face of makeup (foundation, shadow, liner, mascara, lips) - so I use a full dropper of the oil and basically smear it all over my face, taking special care around my eyes. I then remove it with a damp microfiber washcloth.


My face doesn't feel clean at that point, though, so I add a few more drops of oil and massage it all over my face. I then wipe it off with the washcloth. If I didn't wear so much makeup, I might be able to condense this from 2 steps down to a 1 step cleanse, I think.


How does everyone else cleanse with the oils? Any tips?


I use the wen treatment oils as an eye makeup & makeup remover. I soak a large cotton ball with some oil and remove my eye makeup. Next I use 1 dropper full, apply it to my face and then use a large round cotton pad to wipe the makeup off my skin.  Then I cleanse my skin with either purity or a wen body cleanser on my Clarisonic.