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One more thought...I never hear them say to make sure you carefully WASH the fruits and veggies you put in for raw smoothies...



You can make a great smoothie out of grapes, apples, spinach, etc....but it STILL is a raw drink when it is ANY bacteria on the skins of the items added for the smoothies are NOT killed and are IN your to Salmonella City!!!!!


I see them saying put the SKINS of oranges, lemons, watermelon rinds, cantaloupe rinds, etc right in for a smoothie or raw drink. Or pineapple with the bark.



I've made some smoothies with the skins, but they ALL were carefully washed in hot soapy water first. You don't have to soak the heck out of them, just scrub the skins and rinse well.  No problem with the fruit or veggie after it's "bath"....You can use simple dish liquid..(For those who may not know, soap and detergent is lethal to  bacteria and viruses because it bursts thier cell walls...the membranes that protect the organism...that's how it works!)



I know I wash ALL fruits and veggies before eating or cooking with them...have you ever LOOKED who's walking around touching the stuff in the store before you buy it?( I include the time I get to the veggie aisle, my hands have gripped the shopping cart handle that who knows did before me, I've handled meat packages in the meat aisle, and have handled the many items I already have in my cart...I may have blown my nose on way in if it's a cold day....)


Have you seen the insides of box trailers that transport the stuff? The store room in the back of the store? Have you considered what kind of animal waste was used to fertilize some crops?



( Same reason I won't eat deli sliced meats and cheeses...who KNOWS how many people handled that salami casing after leaving the bathroom and before they cut YOUR portion off it!!!! Bleeechhhhhhh...I only eat cold cuts packaged at the processing plants where no human touches it....)



Just sayin...WASH the stuff first before you make a raw smoothie or eat ANYTHING raw.


I would think people would know that, but I am realistic.

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I love my Vitamix.  It is used by my family daily.  Smoothies, Soups, frozen treats, peanut butter, etc, we've tried so many things.  


There are soup recipes that require very little prep.  Others require a little more work.  I think they have mentioned that when showing a few recipes over the years.

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BEST PUrCHASE EVER! I use mine at least 2 to 3 times a day. You can make soup in it. I do all the time and quite frankly it is easy. Yes, some need more prep work and it is just as easy to make on the stove. However, smoothies, peanut butter almond butter coconut milk, almond milk, make a homemade gravy from your roast and chicken, whipping cream in a minute, salad dressings, healthy deserts, baby food, apple sauce and the list goes on This machine does so much. I will not be without one. I’ve had mine for 12 years. I am not the best cook, but I love good food and this has made my life so much easier.
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I think how you like it depends on if you are someone who eats a few things all the time or not.  If you have a few meals you eat and not much else, this won't be for you.


If you like to make your own dressings, smoothies, soups (and especially ones out of leftovers), fruit sauces, nut butters, sauces etc. then you will LOVE this.  

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Thank you for this information! Each time I tried to make soup I thought I had a defective machine because it didn't create a hot soup. I've had mine for years as well and have watched numerous presentations as well and never heard this.

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@NQ123 wrote:

Thank you for this information! Each time I tried to make soup I thought I had a defective machine because it didn't create a hot soup. I've had mine for years as well and have watched numerous presentations as well and never heard this.


You are welcome! Just thought this information should be out there so others don't get blindsided like I did. I will use my Vitamix for all the other things you can do, (which I enjoy), but soup is probably out for me unless I can find some of these easy soup recipes other customers have mentioned. No way will I be sauteeing, roasting, baking, slow cooking, or simmering ingredients for hours ahead of using my Vitamix. Maybe someone from Vitamix will see this thread someday and provide this info in their on air presentations in the future! Smiley Happy

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Does the Vitamix heat up?  I thought it was like a blender.  If it doesn't heat, then how would you get hot soup?

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Honestly, the shows are just showing you what you can do with the machine. It,s not designed to teach someone how to cook.  Vegetables and fruits should be washed whether they are cooked or raw and that is something that people should already know. Also what they don't say and I certainly wouldn't expect them to but organic is much better than conventional.  But just eating fruits and veges are better than any processed or carb/sugar loaded foods.  

Most of the soups are designed to use leftovers so some of the ingredients are alfready cooked...the ones that need to be.   Just run the Vitamix for approximately 6 minutes and it should be steamy hot.  That being said, even though the containers are BPA free when it is heated it still may leach chemicals into the food. So I invested in the stainless steel container or can simply blend in the vitamix and heat on stove.


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You run the machine for approximately 6 minutes and it will get nice and steamy from the friction.

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Run the machine for 6 or so minutes.