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Unable to view reviews for TSVs?

I have noticed this issue recently - why does QVC not allow us to read customer reviews for a Today's Special Value until after the TSV expires?  I noticed the Northern Lights sheets had three customer reviews, but the reviews were not reviewable until today, after the TSV expired.  I see the same issue with the Kitchen Aid TSV.  There is one review, but I cannot access it.  Why??????  This issue needs to be fixed! 

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Re: Unable to view reviews for TSVs?

This always seems to happen.  I think at times the item # is even changed so that the reviews do not show.   I think it's unfair for those of us who read the reviews and find them helpful.  Of course if an item has  3 stars or less it probably isn't going to sell at the quota they are hoping for.

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Re: Unable to view reviews for TSVs?

If you order, without knowledge of product satisfaction and are ultimately dissatisfied and return, QVC still makes $$ from S&H. They’re not going to discourage purchases at the onset. The ultimate goal is revenue.