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Unimpressed with this TSV, rings look skimpy to me and and nothing special.


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The whole day thus far is a snooze fest.  I turned the TV off. 

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@Atiya. I agree.  The ring is not a big deal.  One can do better elsewhere with prices.  

I love Chrome Diopside, however, buyers need to b.v e careful.  Some of the rough is very dark, almost black.  It's only mined about 10 weeks each year due to weather conditions. 

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I have to agree about the TSV, very underwhemled, same old setting from 30 years ago, and same wimpy sized stones!!!


Same old same old on the Q, small stones, unimaginative settings and poor quality stones. 

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I didn't watch any of it. Just not the type of jewelry I would wear. I didn't care for the TSV either. 

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I too was disapointed in this tsv. Not everybody can even wear rings due to arthritic fingers - ME.