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Styling and Camera work for the TSV!

Ok I know it's not done just for this show (9am Issac today)

but for the TSV out comes the petite model with a flowered jacket covering all but a slice of the front of the TSV and another model is at the very back of the set blended into the background!

How in the world does any of these shots help anyone know what the tsv looks like? Or how it is helpful or makes us want to see more?!

Even more flabergasting is when Jill says and so and so is wearing the tsv in pink or whatever color you can barely see. I don't know how she said that without thinking, oh I'd better explain if the tsv is the pink jacket or whats underneath just assuming everyone knows!

Really the only thing I can figure out is they think ,well its just a preview and people will want to stay and see more detail.

No, its just frustrating but I'm sure they don't care how we think of how they style things.

A huge cold set with models standing way off in the outfield.

I just don't get it!

Do they think it looks good like a boutique and just don't see how it really looks or what?

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Re: Styling and Camera work for the TSV!

I noticed the same thing.  All I know is that Peplum tops only work if you are slender and wear a straight skirt or slim pants.

Not for a heavier woman.  Peplum makes you look larger.

I think they are trying to hide this issue when live on air.


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Re: Styling and Camera work for the TSV!

I only caught it for a few seconds but what in God's name was that horrid black & grey floral looking disaster Jill was wearing?

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Re: Styling and Camera work for the TSV!

I frequently see tops being sold with a jacket/sweater or some other cover up over them.  What are they thinking??   I also briefly saw a presentation of the TSV this morning and the one a model was wearing was wrinkled, looked thin and IMO is worth about $19.95.  An easy pass.



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Re: Styling and Camera work for the TSV!

Let's see, cover up the TSV with a jacket & a scarf and throw on the sunglasses.  That seems to be the plan!

oh yeah & place a model way in the background.