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There is a Shark vacuum TSV this weekend and another in March.  Does anyone know if the March TSV is another/newer vacuum?  I called CS and they said they didn't know. Thanks.

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I have no idea what it will be. The Feb Insider Program Guide lists Floor Care-Shark. The Mar Insider lists Shark Solutions? No info in the insider about it. I doubt it will be another vacuum.

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Shark solutions sounds like a floor steamer.

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V33881 Shark Navigator Powered Lift-Away DLX 3-in-1 Vacuum w/Tools & Caddy

I bought this in Oct from BB&B using one of their coupons. I LOVE this vacuum. I have a Dyson Animal and an earlier Shark I bought in 2010. This new Shark can get under my very low setting bed frame.
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Thanks everyone!


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I have the last Shark TSV that looks like this model. I love my

Shark and I think you will be happy with it too !

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Im really hoping the next Shark TSV in March is the Shark Rocket Powerhead model # AH452. I bought the most recent TSV #V33881 and absolutely love it but would like a light weight vacuum to pull out for quick cleans in between major vacuuming. See Shark Rocket Powerhead informercial video in link below. 

I have a rocket and love that to but this Powerhead rocket will stand up on its own where my other Rocket won't.




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We just ordered a Shark from Kohl's.  Might have waited if I had seen this post earlier.