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Does anyone know when the Scott Bros usually have a sheet TSV?

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My order status shows that last year my Scott Living TSV sheets were ordered on March 12 (late in the TSV day).

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I didn't think they were still with QVC as I haven't seen them on in almost a year.

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The last time they were on the Q, they mentioned that they were working on a new type of mattress.  I don't know what kind though.

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In the "TSV'S FOR APRIL" post, Scott Living Mattress is listed for April 11.  


In November, they also had a mattress TSV but included their Holiday Sheets in that program as "advanced order".  My order was placed on 11-15 and shipped on 11-30.

It was worth the wait for Plaid option and I went back for the Snow Flake design.

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@Rooney wrote:

Does anyone know when the Scott Bros usually have a sheet TSV?

I ordered the Scott Bros TSV sheet set previously and promptly returned them. They were the worst sheets ever! The fabric was cheap and scratchy. The hem was ragged and uneven with raw edges and lots of loose threads. @Rooney  

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I really like their towels and wish they would have a towel set TSV. 

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I was watching an infomercial with Andy Williams, and there

was quite a resemblance between him and the Scott bros.


I'm sure they are not related.

The cheek bones and eyes are convincing though.

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In my opinion these two have over-saturated themselves.  Im tired of them and find theit items over priced.  You are paying a 20 percent premium because of their "persona' appeal on HGTV.