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I really like this sneaker. I want to pre-order it but I've never tried Ryka before. I would like to read some feedback here from those of you who have experienced their fit. TIAWoman Happy


RYKA  Adjustable Mesh Maryjane "Kailee" - $45 / free sh, black, coral, grey, mint, navy, wides avail


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I usually go up 1/2 size in Ryka

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@SilleeMee  Can't speak for this style, but I have purchased and worn MANY of Ryka's over the years.  I have always liked that I've been able to purchase the shoes in wide width and for almost all of the styles, I order my normal size.  I've always been pleased with the durability.  I also like the arch support, too.  Just my PPV so perhaps you will receive more responses so you will be able to make your purhase decision.

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Re: RYKA TSV - March 2

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Why not go to a shoe store and try them on?  They don't work for my foot because it looks like it's cut too low and would bother the bone across my foot.  I've tried on many cute kinds of shoes and they have to be cut higher.

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I  gave up on Rykas about five years ago. Sizing has become very inconsistent in recent years. 

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Re: RYKA TSV - March 2

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I bought a pair of formerTSV gym shoes I think over the summer.  A268397  I really like them.  They are very comfortable. I normally wear a size 8 in athletic shoes and that is what I bought and they fit perfectly.


They were a tiny bit snug width wise at first but they loosened up slightly, which the vendor said they would during a presentation. 

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Re: RYKA TSV - March 2

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I always go up a half size in Ryka, which are the only athletic shoes that I wear.  However, I only go up in size if it is an actual sneaker.  If it is more like a regular shoe, then I stay at my regular size.  The TSV looks like it would be more like a regular shoe, so if I were ordering, I would keep my regular size.

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I tried a Ryka TSV some years ago and wasn't fond of the brand.  I need considerably more support and cushioning than their shoes provide I think.

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I bought a tsv and didn't size up and they smash my big toe.  They also didn't last very long. I won't buy them again but those are cute!

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The sizing on Rykas is all over the place,  you never know what size to order.   I have a narrowish medium foot but last summer bought medium sandals with straps so tight,  I couldn't wear them,  a first for me.   Others are so wide I can't keep them on my feet.   


The quality has also gone downhill.   With that and sizing issues,  I'll no longer buy them.   Too bad because they used to be my mainstay. 

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