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Re: Peter Thomas Roth TSV 3-17



Does Peter Thomas Roth test on animals?
Peter Thomas Roth does not test any of our formulas or raw materials on animals but we believe in total transparency and will not claim that for the following reasons. We cannot be certain that a raw material supplier has not now or at some time in the past tested an ingredient on animals

Which means that some of his suppliers DO test on animals. I DON'T buy any products from companies that test on animals. I DON'T believe that HIS product or ANY skincare products can firm sagging skin.

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Re: Peter Thomas Roth TSV 3-17

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I don't like the way QVC supersizes everything.  Why would I want to purchase so much of products I haven't tried before?  In this case I've tried the Retinol Fusion but I don't want 4oz of a cream I don't even know if I would like.  Had this been half the price and everything half the size, I might have been more interested in trying it.

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Re: Peter Thomas Roth TSV 3-17


@winamac1Intersting about would think that he would understand that by being at an event like that and being friendly he would win over customers.


Nice to know that PTR was friendly.  I like his products too!

@haddon9 In all fairness he wasn't "rude".  He just seems very arrogant.  Many physicians are though.  We did get a full sized product from Perricone.  


I just like the fact that PTR shows up, he seems super gracious and I really do like his product line.  I've tried both lines.  I used to use Perricone.  I don't use it anymore, and I use a lot of PTR-not exclusively PTR, but I use a lot of his product line.  I like some Olay and some Cerave too.  

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Re: Peter Thomas Roth TSV 3-17

@sueinsfI agree!


Even though I use PTR products I still wouldn't want them in a super size. And as you mention, I can't imagine someone new to the line would be interested in these huge sizes either.


From my experience with the PTR line, a litle product goes a LONG way. I don't understand why they offer so many super size products (not just PTR) on auto delivery either. I can't imagine using up these huge sizes in 3 or 4 months.



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Re: Peter Thomas Roth TSV 3-17

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I LOVE the super sizes, SUERSIZE   for SUPER SALES . 








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Re: Peter Thomas Roth TSV 3-17

only used his retinol.  was glad to see the super size and i went on ad.  the price was well worth it.  i was always temped but this kit did for me.

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Re: Peter Thomas Roth TSV 3-17

I'm excited about getting this TSV.  About 3 years ago (seriously) I orderd the FirmX peel. I didn't use it very often, but still couldn't bring mysel to discard it because it was still effective. I've gone through some very stressful events recently and noticed that it was taking a toll on my facial skin.  So I started using FirmX daily about a month ago and the improvement in my skin is remarkable.  So, I jumped in and ordered another FirmX, the TSV and two masks. I use Lancome from HSN, and I do like their products, but they are different and haven't made such a dramatic difference as the PTR.  I like supersized products too. They seem to last me a very long time and save me from having to purchase as often.  I'm gonna mix things up and bit! Such fun! 

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Re: Peter Thomas Roth TSV 3-17

Thanks for posting CelticGirl! I ordered the TSV, it's my first PTR purchase & looking forward to it! Looking for something that works & will just make my skin look a bit better. My order arrived today but won't open & play until the weekend. Yay!! Woman Happy