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I just rec'd my Keurig TSV  - it's to replace my previous one, which I LOVE. Just checking to see if others have issue with how "loud" the device is - don't know if I just got a bad one, but when heating up the water and even during the brewing process, the pump is extremely loud. Is this the norm with the K-Select?



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I did not buy one because I have a "stash" of't live without


But I did hear her say it was quiet !

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I haven't find mine noisy at all.  It replaces my 4 yo Keurig and I am going to miss the 72 oz. tank!  My old one must have been declining for some time, I am getting a HOT cup of coffee now.  Guess it happens gradually.

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I got mine today and set it up.  It IS loud.  Probably because the plastic is so thin. Oh,well. I hope it works out.  My Tassimo wasn't exactly quiet, either.   


I ordered this  because of the lack of variety for Tassimo.  I was down to ONE brand but I wasn't crazy about it.  I want a good satisfying cup of coffee first thing in the AM.  


I almost ordered the K55 before.  We have one at work and it works very well, but it is too large for my kitchen.  


I made the hot chocolate and one cup of coffee.  They were pretty good, but I will be able to tell tomorrow when I get up.  Of course, I am not well-acquainted with the different brands of K-cups yet.  I usually buy Starbucks for the crew at work.


It is so hard to appliance shop.  I just want one that works well and holds up for a reasonable amount of time.   Good luck with yours!


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I’ve had several through the years and use mine everyday. Yes it is a little noisy but not enough for me not to use it. I have the personal size we take on vacation. Can’t live without our Keurig. Enjoy.☕️

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My first one was the best..lasted long long time.  Next one poor quality, gave it away to my daughter  who wanted to try it out.  My third one is a piece of junk (I am  being polite).  Flimsy beyond words.  Wish I could roll back time.  

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I passed on the TSV. I am hoping they will bring the new Kuerig Elite. A little more expensive but I like it.

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I love Keurig and have been using them for years.  If they would make a Stainless Steel quality brewer (like the qulity in an espresso maker....  I'd pay for it!  But unfortunately their money is in these "disposable" models.... Woman Frustrated  

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I'm sorry to hear about your unit being loud.  I purchased the December Keurig TSV and love it.  It is the K55 with the K40 heating unit.  It heats up very quickly and I do not notice the noise.


Maybe it has to do with which model # the heating unit is?