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Netbook vs. Ipad??....Netbook, Ipad, NB, IP....keep going back and forth...

Any input, all you knowledgeable geeks out there? Smiley Happy

Not getting either now, (just got new 16" laptop this year), but planning future purchase for little portable one and was leaning toward Ipad (gonna take a while longer to "aspire" to that), but originally I had thought I'd get a netbook.

One thing I want it for is for "writing" on the go. A writer's website I recently went to were "discussing", and it seemed it was the writer's software available for IP they loved, for info etc, more than actually writing documents on it.

And of course I know in the IP you get an ereader too.

So just wondering if IP will work as well for anything a netbook will work for, and then some...or if there are reasons (esp. for writing) to get a netbook instead. Is there reasons to have both?

So if anyone has input on the plusses minuses, differences of usage of both IP or Netbook (not pc vs. apple discussion but functions of the two types of technology.)

Tks in advance!