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Yes, and this price is around $100 lower than I paid for the 17 lb Animal that pulls out my rug fibers along with the small amount of dirt that accumulates in my house.  What are all those same color carpet looking fibers filling up the container? 


I stupidly bought into the hype after women I know raved about their Dysons.  Were they raving about how well theirs performed, or they were now members of the Town & Country Dyson Club?


Quite a few average middle income households most likely don't have $400 for a new vacuum cleaner, but the savior of the day is Easy Pay.  I know a middle income family that couldn't, but the wife hounded her husband until she got one.


At one time, it appeared Dyson vacuums were presented several times a week.  It did die down, but fans and hairdryers took their place.  "HOW MUCH FOR THAT HAIRDRYER?  YOU ARE KIDDING, AREN'T YOU?"


The attitude it's none of your business, some people can afford it, others can spend their money the way they want.  No kidding, we don't need to be told that. However, it's also not illegal when someone notices and comments on it.   

We have a Shark and an older model of the Dyson upright. The Dyson needs to go to the shop as it stopped working. We have a three-cat, one-dog household though, so I don't expect miracles from any vacuum no matter the price or branding.


As for the hairdryer, my stylist was initially really impressed. However, last we talked about it, she told me not to buy it.

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I have a Dyson with the 2 different heads. Works great love it's cordless. The only thing I don't like is you have to hold the on button the whole time you vacuum. I can see that being an issue as I get older. I will have to buy something else later. 

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I have the Dyson animal.  I paid $500 for it years ago, not from QVC.


I can say it vacuums up a lot of dirt. When we built our house, most of it was carpeted.  Over the years, we replaced the carpet, room by room.  


When the carpet was pulled up on the first level floors, there was a ton of fine dust and dirt under there, plus the padding started to break down and that was also gritty.  What a mess!  


I bought the animal and when we replaced the carpeting on the second floor, there was hardly any dirt when the carpet was lifted.  In our bedroom, the carpet was 33 years old before we replaced it.  What a surprise that there was no dirt or padding grit under there, but clearly the padding was broken down. The back of the carpet was pretty thin and worn out.


Laugh and make jokes, but I  can tell you from experience, that if you have carpet, a Dyson is the best there is.  It removes dirt, dander and gunk on top of the carpet fibers and even pulls the dirt up from under the carpet.


Yes, it is expensive, but it works.  I have two Dyson's, but the animal is the better of the two.

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I am planning to replace carpeting in my home and was interested in a new vacuum.  Since there hasn't been a full size corded Dyson in years and this would be my last vacuum I watched the presentation and was impressed. 


Checked the weight and at more than 17 lbs it is a pass.  Back to the drawing board and I guess a lighter weight stick cordless.  Suggestions welcome.  Thanks.  

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Re: How much Dyson????

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I got my CORDLESS, Dyson Animal V8 Pro last year when it was a TSV for $299 (down from $550), it was a killer deal!  I leave mine propped up in the corner of the front door to my APT so it's on display for all to see!  One of the best purchases I've ever made on the Q!  Smiley Very Happy


On top of that, I then sold my over 10 year old CORDED Dyson Animal for $175.  It almost paid off the new Dyson I bought.  I'm such a smart guy.  Smiley Wink

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The only repeat TSV shown more than Dyson is Vitamix and mattresses.   Between the unexciting TSV's, the multiple hosts trying to out talk each other, the rising prices and shipping I have not watched one full show all year and I have been watching QVC since the beginning.  I log in online once in a while and cruise by shows for a few but that's about it.  

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Re: How much Dyson????

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We have multiple Dysons and 2 sharks, I prefer the Dysons. We had business offices that we used the corded Dysons in, 1 was an animal the other was the original Dyson, one of the stick cordless units lived in our motorhome. They do get serviced from time to time. and they all work like the day we got them. I am relegating the sharks to the charity center.

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