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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

@CJC wrote:

OK ladies, don't get your panties in a bunch.  This drone is a toy.  It's not some high powered FBI spy drone made to fly over foreign soil or some commercial drone built to deliver your packages to your doorstep.  My 10-year old grandson will love this.  He has been wanting one for awhile and specifically wished for a white one.  I've ordered it along with 2 of the additional lithium batteries to give him extra flight time.  I'm weary of buying him Legos every Christmas, though he does love them., so can't wait to see his reaction when he opens this gift.  I did check with his mom & dad before ordering to make sure a toy drone meets with their approval.



These are far from being the drones that fire missiles and can go on and on for long periods of time. This is a TOY and the battery is only good for SIX minutes of flight time!


I ordered one for my son for Christmas along with 3 extra batteries so he can be out with it for 30 minutes.


Holy heck there is some major sensitivity here. It is a TOY.

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

Don't these things have to be registered if they are over a certain weight or so big?  I thought there was something about that last year.


I know a few kids who had them and what they ultimately turned into was a couple hundred dollar one time use toy because these get very easily lost, never to be found again, if you are flying them all over. 

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

@Zita ..... I totally agree with you .... not only are they dangerous but, they are also an invasion of people's privacy .... they fly high enough to see into people's windows which can also give a burglar a great view on the inside of people's appartments & next thing you are robbed!!!!!! ..... QVC should not be selling these!!!

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

This drone has a camera -- I can imagine kids using it to spy.  What could be more fun.  It's an inappropriate gift. 

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

Stupid TS!  What a waste of money.

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

@Puppy Lips wrote:

The neighbor who lives directly behind us has a drone that he occassionaly flys over our house and the empty lot next to us that we also own.  He did it again about two weeks ago.  I was coming back from walking my dog and the drone was hovering over one of our trees close to our house.  I gave him the one finger salute, if you know what I mean, because I am sure he has a camera on it.  The neighbor across the street from him warned him to stay away from his house because he has young girls (who could be changing clothes in their rooms.)


So on this particular occassion, I had my son come outside.  He has a powerful laser pointer, and he pointed it at the drone in the air.  I was hoping this guy would get the message to back off.


So no, I am not a fan and I don't think QVC should be promoting them.

@Puppy Lips - Time to shoot at it with a water gun of some sort.

If a camera drone ever starts flying around my property that's what I'm going to do.

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

I'm surprised they're so popular.  They remind me of those silly helicopter toys that were popular 20 years ago.  I don't get the thrill.



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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

Technology is moving way too fast -- computers, cell phones, drones, etc. and just about everyone is buying.  Cat Very Happy

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

I agree with what's being posted here BUT the battery-life is ONLY 6 minutes YET takes 60-70 minutes to re-charged...guess lots of kids are going to be disappointed because their fun will be quick!


Personally, I don't know why or what anyone needs a drone, but, I still like to take & print pictures to put in albums! 😁🙀😉

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

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There is a website that you can enter your address and make it a "No Drone Zone." My hubby put ours in a long time ago because we had someone hovering over our pool at night.


When the drone does a software update it uploads your GPS coordinates.


It tells about it here.