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I like todays TSV from Denim and Co.  But I dont know how I would look in the fitted waist with my beer keg belly area.  So I will pass.

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I am an apple shape and even though they claim it doesn’t matter for these tops, I have returned every fit and flare top I have tried. A pass for me.

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I like the color choices, but not a fan of the style.

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I’m a small petite and I’ve tried a couple fit and flare tops from the Q in the past.  Unfortunately they seem to overwhelm me even though I’ve chosen the correct size.   I had to return both so I was disappointed the Denim & Co. TSV was a fit and flare top.  I also don’t look good in that type of neckline - I look better in a V-neck or scoop neck. 

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So many things about it I don't like - prints, shape, fabric ...

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I am passing on this TSV. The neckline looks really high and the shirt looks like it has too much material.

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Yes, I agree. I bought this or something similar, and had to return it. The seams down the front and amount of material made me feel like I was wearing a dentist's smock. LOL

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I'm not a fan of boat necklines

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I don’t think these fit and flare tops are very flattering. All the extra material at your hip level makes you look wider & bigger IMO. 

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I like this style of top for my pear shape body but I wish they'd quit with sets of 2.  I don't want 2 of them and even if I did I don't like the prints offered and that neckline seems way too close to the neck.  I do not care for a fit n flare top on someone who carries their weight in their stomach.  I just don't think they are a flattering silhouette.  


As an aside, a few weeks ago, HSN was having their fashion clearance event.  I tuned in that evening and Helen Keaney was the host. She was presenting a fit n flare top.  She specifically said that if you carry your weight in your mid-section, this might not be the best style choice for you and there are other tops that will be presented to choose from. 


Whether you agree with her or not, it was kind of refreshing to hear a host make such a comment rather than claim it would look good on every body type.