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Convert A Bench II April 2021

Today, I received an email of a presale for Convert a Bench II. Are  more colors going to be added closer to the TSV date? Last year I ordered one of the Driftwood and wanted to try it out before ordering two. There is an Adobe color, but I would like to match with the Driftwood. It has served well as a stand for plants in our sunroom. I looked to order another in the same color and I don't see that color listed. The video of Jane Treacy had some of the colors down to a very low quantity already. Is that a video from last year? TIA for any help.

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Re: Convert A Bench II April 2021

Yes, I would assume the video is from last year or so.  I've watched many re-runs from original presentations.  Color or sizes are limited  - or gone completely.

Q may or may not even carry the benches this never know.

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Re: Convert A Bench II April 2021

Check their own website. They still carry the Driftwood. The shipping is about $5 more, but at least you could get the color you want. Also, they have bench covers and some beautiful patterns for cushions. 


You could also order online at Bed Bath & Beyond. Don't know if it's free shipping if sent to a store. Or if you could use a 20% coupon towards it.