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If the Clarks Cloudsteppers thong sandels are as light as they say......Why the $5.50 shipping charge?

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If you have shipped anything lately using, UPS, FedEx or USPS then you would realize that $5.50 is nuthin'.

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Shipping costs are calculated according to weight and size of box or package. Shoes might not weight much but they take up room in the shipping truck.

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I believe S & H not only includes the price of shipping but the manpower and material used to ship them.  That's the handling part.

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@tbird I frequently go to the self service at the USPS when shipping packages. If you've ever done that, in addition to the scales there are measurements that must be entered, height, width and depth. These measurements factor in to the cost in addition to weight. 

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Order them on Amazon or Zappos. Probably cheaper AND free shipping AND returns!

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It is the size of the package and shoe boxes usually are not small. The charge is not just the wight but the dimension.

Perhaps it is also an average of what it might be to ship close and farther away.



One of the jobs I had in the past dealt with shipping items and you have to take many things into consideration.

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Shoes and boots have always typically been $5.50 for shipping.