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Re: Breezies Today’s Special Value Bra - Need Sizing


Below is an explanation of how I used the Breezies size chart.  I forgot to say the other day that when I've used the chart before, it gave me a cup size I've never worn before.  So I just ordered my regular bra size and the 2 different Breezies bra's fit me fine. Since there was such a discrepancy for you between the size the chart said and your professional fitting, I personally would start with the size from the fitting.  However,  do realize you may have to do free exchanges to get the proper fit in this specific bra.




When  measuring, wear a lightly lined bra or bra with little to no padding. Make sure the tape measure is snug to your body without being too tight and  remains parallel to the floor, especially across your back. *This info from Jayne Brown's video on the Bra Fit Guide page. She also gives several other fit tips based on how the bra fits (go up a cup size if....)


First, measure under your bust, at the top of rib cage.

Second, measure across the fullest part of bust. 


Consult Size Chart (found by searching for "Bra Fit Guide): 

Step 1. Find your rib cage measurement in the second line of the top graph.  Then look up to the Lavender line.  That number is your BAND SIZE.


Step 2. Using the bottom graph, find your BAND SIZE number in the top Lavender line. In that column,  find your fullest part of bust measurement. Follow that line to the left where the letters are located.  That will be your CUP SIZE.



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Re: Breezies Today’s Special Value Bra - Need Sizing

Weird thing happening with my order of this bra. When I ordered that day, my order immediately went "in process." It was there for a a couple of days, then went to "back order." Couldn't figure out how it could be in processing and then go to back order.


Last night I checked and it was back to the in process mode.


This morning a couple of them (I ordered four) are in processing mode and the other two are back to "back order."


Good thing I don't have to have them right away! ha!


Anyone else experiencing this back and forth status?

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Re: Breezies Today’s Special Value Bra - Need Sizing

Received mine today and the band is small, a full 2 inches smaller than another Breezies I own.  So annoyed.  Wondering if I should order a larger size or pay more for a different style that has reviews available.