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Just got the Berkshire sheets and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!


For those of you that have the sheets and the TSV throw, how does the throw compare to the sheets as far as softness, plushness, weight, and the "snuggle factor"?


Thanks for weighing in!

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The colors are STUNNING for sure, every single one of them.  The size is good too, as is the price.  Unfortunately some of the reviews indicate these are pretty thin.

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I bought the throws they had during CIJ weekend, the angle set. Love, Love, Love. Super soft. I  was going to use it as a throw on my legs watching TV at night. I ended up putting on my bed yesterday and I sleep like a baby last night.


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P.S. I bought the red and blue set.

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If you are a Costco member check out the beautiful throws they are selling for 14 ...thick,big and lush.

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@dex wrote:

If you are a Costco member check out the beautiful throws they are selling for 14 ...thick,big and lush.


Same with Sam's Club. They have double thick ones, in some beautiful patterns and colors. Much nicer than any Berkshire throw I've ever gotten, oversized and actually two layers of fabric, making them much warmer. I believe they are about $15 too.

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I ordered the TSV throws early and have them now.  Using one as I IS thinner than some throws...but I like that isn't bulky.   Very soft, pretty colors and comfy.  I feel it was a good price for three.  I give my granddaughters pj's and cash for Christmas, and they will each get a throw to go with....will be nice for their dorm rooms.  

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Re: Berkshire throw TSV

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Years ago, I purchased a faux sable & faux mink throws from HSN.  Both are king size.  The mink throw I use for my huge couch.  The sable throw I have over my high back "real" leather computer office chair or sometimes on my bed.


If Q ever had the sable & faux, I would purchase them in a hot minute as gifts as I always get compliments for mine.

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They are over $11 a piece with shipping and tax. I can buy the same quality and size locally for less. So it's a pass for me. 

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For those of you who have received these already are they as thick as the ones they have sold in previous years? To me they look thinner but hard to tell on tv.