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Re: All clad Tsv February 19th

@noodleann wrote:

Here's the problem with the testimonials about cookware people have had for 15, 20 years,  not to fault the authors of the posts.


It's most probably not the same stuff. At this point, nothing is made the way it used to be, even if it has the same name. The materials may be different, the proportions of materials different, the manufacturing method may have changed, etc. 


That's why I discount all those reviews about old pieces, not because they're not valid about the old stuff, but because they're probably no guide to what we can expect with the newly produced stuff.


Besides, it's way too expensive.

I have the old LTD line of All Clad. My pans may have a few scratches, but I still enjoy using them.

I have a new d5 pan. It has some new features not found in the older sets. I gave a pan as a gift to a family member. Williams Sonoma is an exclusive vendor for many lines of All Clad.