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How many times is Sally's business ventures going to fail? She needs to get a real job..Wal-mart is hiring!

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Re: Young and Restless 2024

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Sally needs a make-under. New hairstyle, lighter color, less make-up

and last but not least fingernails that don't look like claws. Oh, and a 

new wardrobe too.


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Omg Ashley looks like she belongs in Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In show!!!

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@Luvitorleaveit1 wrote:

Omg Ashley looks like she belongs in Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In show!!!

@Luvitorleaveit1  She looks like a walking nightmare.


Good news, our Bold and Beautiful thread is back now.Woman Happy

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I thought ditzy Esther resigned from CW to become the manager of (periodic) Sharon's coffee shop?

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Wow, for a change I enjoyed today's episode.

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I thought that was a funny line of Victor's when quizzed about where he had been been by Nick(?) & Cole he replied (words to the affect) " I had been hitting the old bag"Smiley LOL


I wonder if the odor from brussel sprouts will be his undoing. The cell may be sound proofed --but is it odor proof ? Brussel sprouts are very strong. Smiley Wink

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Harrison calls Jordan the witch. But to me another witch is Claire, can't

stand her. She acts like she is in love with Harrison. This nanny position

is all she can do, babysit a kid and call her a nanny, fancy word because

the family is loaded.

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Cole irks me. He brings nothing to this show, and unless he is working with Jordan, he never will.


He's going to put his nose in Victor's business, get him locked up, and auntie will be on the loose again. Then she will be  able to torment the family, Little Harrison and his Nanny. 

What  the he ll is he doing lurking around the Newman mansion, dressed like a Haband model anyway. @threecees 

This dude desperately needs a new wardrobe and a full makeover. It is hard to believe that Victoria would be interested in him after just coming out of a relationship with that handsome,  debonair, well dressed, Nate. 

Say what we will about Jordan; Colleen Zenk does bring  some excitement to this show.


I look forward to her visits from Victor. I also hate brussel sprouts. 🤮 


I read an article about something that I hadn't known about Colleen Zenk. She is an advocate for oral cancer and a survivor of the disease.  I read that she had  part of her tongue removed. She had to learn how to speak again after her surgery.  

I didn't watch ATWT so I was not familiar with the actress. I really like and enjoy her performances. I read that she has also done a lot of theater. 

They must be trying to keep her on the show for as long as possible.  They'd be stupid not too.

I wouldn't mind if they recast her as a totally different character, who might not be as sinister, and who would be able to stay on the show long term.