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I have been watching since the new season started...I have only seen 1 maybe 2 new episodes, all other have been repeats, what gives!!

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...still playing "catch up" from the writers strike. 

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@Mom2Dogs I need my Betty fix!

I keep checking for the next episode, too!

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@Mom2Dogs  I miss it also; but I think they don't want to compete w/March Madness.

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That Betty! Love her!

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Re: Will Trent...

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Found this on Wikipedia,  


I love this show and Betty is my favorite character!  This show is available on Hulu, if you have it.


Season 2 (2024)[edit]

No.overall No. inseason Title [19] Directed by Written by Original air date [19] Prod.code U.S. viewers(millions)1415161718

1"Me Llamo Will Trent"Howard DeutchLiz Heldens & Britta LundinFebruary 20, 20242LGF014.77[20]
2"It's the Work I Signed Up For"Eric Dean SeatonDaniel Thomsen & Inda Craig-GalvánFebruary 27, 20242LGF023.97[21]
3"You Don't Have to Understand"Jason EnslerKarine RosenthalMarch 5, 20242LGF034.83[22]
4"It's Easier to Handcuff a Human Being"TBATBAMarch 26, 2024TBATBD
5"Capt. Duke Wagner's Daughter"TBATBAApril 2, 2024TBATBD


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Team Betty all the way.🐾❤️❤️❤️

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According to Guide on my TV we are supposed to have new episode next week.

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@debfau wrote:

According to Guide on my TV we are supposed to have new episode next week.




I'm guessing that The Rookie will be a new episode next week, too.   I wonder how the honeymoon ended or where it picks up as the show starts.