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Re: The Great Food Truck Race 6/19 SPOILER!

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Why am I still watching this train wreck?  I've enjoyed other seasons but not this one.


Glad that Salsa is gone.  She doesn't know how to play fairly.  I did feel sorry for Missy and wish someone would take her on as an extra but that wouldn't be fair to the other teams.  Salsa  was such a drama queen and I'm not a big fan of Maybe Cheese Born With It.  Does Mahogany ever speak?  I like Eso.  I liked Saute Kingz and sorry they are gone.


I think the woman from Senoreta with the black hair needs to tie her hair back.  Drives me crazy that there might be a hair in any food they cook.  Not a big fan of them either. 

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Re: The Great Food Truck Race 6/19 SPOILER!

@AngelPuppy1  I agree that Salsa Queen thought she was all that and couldn't cope because her team wasn't on top or at least doing better than Senoreata. 

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Re: The Great Food Truck Race 6/19 SPOILER!

@SWEET  I agree. Mahongany actually did speak a few words last time but if you blinked you'd miss it.


I really liked Saute Kingz and think the ESO guys are the best.


Missy got the shaft, but Salsa and her wretched husband, Bill, only care about themselves. Wonder how all of her 7 kids felt about her performance. I agree, she just couldn't take the competition.


The mac and cheese team, my name for them, are just a big joke. They have no business being on this show.


I know Tyler claimed they had I think 100s of people to choose from. Doesn't look like it. The mac and cheese and Food Flight teams are terrible. Can't cook and they have NO imagination or creativity.


The next episode should be interesting.