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I liked this show and I'm sorry to see it go.


I liked the Resident too and why that one got cancelled is beyond me.



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I really, really enjoyed watching it the first couple of seasons, but it "jumped the shark" for me, when he dumped the cute woman (who worked in the Lab), and went back to Leah. Smiley Frustrated


I stopped watching after that...


But at least it had a good, long run and kept most of the regulars working.

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For me, this series started off good, but ran downhill after the middle of the 2nd season.  I haven't watched it since. 

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I still really like the show, but I agree it went down hill with the addition of Leah.. I also liked Shawn with the woman from the lab, can't remember her character's name but it was a good match, I thought.


I still will be sad when it ends...  

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Leah was never likeable from beginning. It's not believable that she would be interested in Shaun. The baby storyline is boring. I still watch it because Morgan is interesting.

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Shawn is going to drive Leah insane with his schedule for the baby !! What happened to Asher's boyfriend , the nurse ?

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As soon as i saw that  2 sets pf parents  and each  baby had heart problens...i couldn't handle the story  and turned the channel  but my dish DVR still taped the show.


Why baby sad stories???

Maybe the out come  will be positive  and have happy endings  bu t"I" wasn't ready for this story so soon.



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I'm glad Shawn and Glassy have started to reconcile.

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I watched the 1st episode over the weekend, and really thought it was well done.


I, too am glad Shawn and Glassy are reconciling..


The babies were all so cute and a good ending for all...  

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I had no idea this show was still on TV. I also don't know what shows are airing on any other channel on any given day at any given time slot. I stopped watching television programs, years ago. I needed to stop watching it, as I began to find the messaging inherent in television shows regarding real-world events disturbing.