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The Good Doctor returns to TV on Feb. 20.

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Thank you!


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Looking forward to it, I heard it is the final season Woman Sad

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Same night also Rookie and Will Trent are back

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I love this show. I'm sad it's ending. Smiley Sad

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@LadybugDG  I'm glad it's the final season. It's run its course.

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Show has looooooooooong run it's course.  Seems like his 2 yr residency lasted a decade!   The final season should have the residents graduating & moving on to another hospital.


I would like Murphy to move on to another hospital.  However, due to his autistic condition, he would need the excellent support system he has w/his current employer & staff.

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I think I only lasted for 1 season if that. I am glad it is in it's final season and hope there is a decent show that will take it's time slot. I am not holding my breath.

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The Good Doctor went over the cliff a long time ago.

Leah 🤮 


The Rookie 🥱


Will Trent - Team Betty 🐾❤️

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At least they know it is ending so they can wrap up the storyline. I get upset when shows are left up in the air in the finale and then they decide to cancel them.