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I haven't watched any since I lost ATWT and AMC, and truthfully I still miss them desperately. I wish rhere were some way of convincing Sponsors that a new soap could thrive. If something new started Monday, and it was promising, I would DEFINITELY be watchng it.
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For at least 50 years I looked at ATWT and GL. I don't know over half of the people that come on the talk shows. I wonder if Julie Chens husband took them off so she could have a show. I also am not interested in the court shows or hours of the same news.

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halfpint, I think it about AT LEAST 75% chance that her husband DID make it so she could have her own talk show.

Just watch a few minutes here and there of this stupid show and you'll see all they do is promote all things pertaining to CBS or other shows they are vested in. I can't stand her or anything to do with her. She acts so humble but I sincerely doubt it.

It makes me sick to think that these shows had to go away so that those Dr shows could come on (did you know Dr. Phil's son produces the show "The Drs"? Anyway, I need to just let it go......