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I watch reruns of my long time favorite shows.  I am in season 5 of Murder She wrote.  I have been doing this all season and hoping by the time I have seen the last episode of something we can get back to normal. It keeps me occupied and happy.  

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@occasionalrain wrote:

I've begun watching The Affair on Peacock; the scenery is beautiful but the actor playing Noah is smarmy. Still, it's well done, even the obnoxious children are believable.

@occasionalrain I watched The Affair when it originally aired and definitely agree that Noah is smarmy and the children are rather obnoxious!  It was a good series though.  Good acting and interesting story.  I hope you enjoy it.

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For some reason, the new streaming services aren't launching on the most popular streaming platforms. The Roku and Fire TV platforms are the most popular streaming platforms and account for 70% of the streaming in the country, but Peacock and HBO Max both chose not to launch their apps on those devices. Peacock says they'll add Amazon support in the near future, but that looks like 2021. HBO Max is just not saying anything. Excluding 70% of your potential customers is not really the smartest way to start a business.


I subscribed to HBO Max assuming it would be streamable on one of my devices only to find out it wasn't. I cancelled after my first month. Their regular HBO services are streamable on both Amazon and Roku, but HBO Max they chose to exclude from those services. Both companies have heard a lot from angry streamers who can't understand the logic of their move. Why start your company alienating 70% of your potential customers? Unless they're getting paid a lot by Apple TV, this move makes no sense. 

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I don't understand why these services don't tell you what shows they have unless you sign up for the free trial.


I find it kind of annoying.


I've explored all of them and none of them have anything I want to see that I can't see of Nick at Nite or WGN or Hallmark.


I agree about not having some of these on Roku or Tivo, it would certainly make it easier to navigate.



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