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I'm a big fan of Monk.  I love that his real life wife, Brooke Adams, appears in the first scene of the movie.  This couple has been married for an amazing 31 years and have stayed under the radar, not ever appearing on TMZ.  Good for them! 


I just started the movie and am enjoying it so far.

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Funny I’m watching Monk right now. I’m wondering if I can see the movie on YouTube? Or is there another way to see it on the internet?
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Loved Monk! He was at the Packer game last weekend, very nice guy.

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Tony Shalhoub was on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Here's the video from last nights show.


Dec.7, 2023


Youtube: Late Night with Seth Meyers


Tony Shalhoub talks reprising his role as Monk in Mr. Monk's Last Case: A Monk Movie and his wife playing multiple different characters in the original series...


Tony Shalhoub to reprise Monk role in Peacock original movie - GoldDerby


Peacock Sets December Premiere Date for 'Monk' Movie | Next TV


May be an image of 4 people


All the Major Mr. MONK'S Last Case A Monk Movie Filming Photos / Images :  r/Monk


A Monk Movie With Tony Shalhoub Is Happening: All the Details




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I guess I could sign up for Peacock for one month for $5.99 and then cancel 30 days later.

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We watched it this morning - loved the ending! I've always liked Monk and watch it whenever I can. 

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I'm sick of rehashes, sequels and shows reuniting/pulling casts from 10-20 years ago out of retirement.  However, this is the one exceptional to my rule.  I thoroughly enjoyed see\ing Monk and his crew.  This movie, unlike many, e.g. Frasier, actually has an update and new story worth telling.  I would definitely recommend.

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Saw it.  Glad to see the actors once again.  Yes, they looked older.   But I guess seeing them was of most interest to me.


The plot, no way.  I did not enjoy the movie.  Not the best writing or storyline.  Very dissappointed.