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If any of you have cable with spectrum, the new season to L.A.'s Finest is starting up again June 8. We really enjoy this series with Jessica Alba is really good, of course among others.

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I watched this show last night on Fox Network. It is a new series to me. Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union are the lead casts members. It started out allover the place and towards the end of the hour, you could see a real plot developing. I will continue to watch. 

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I had Spectrum as late as the beginning of March this year. For some reason I didn't watch this show. I watched last night, I'm not sure I will continue. I watch DWTS and The Voice is coming back (I'm watching The Third Day and We Are Who We Are), that's a lot of shows to DVR and catch up with. Oh yeah, the Good Doctor will be back, maybe something on at 10:00 on CBS and NBC, too much!

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we have spectrum and i just finished season 2. i like the show, both seasons. they have to edit out some scenes(too gritty), so it can be put on reg. tv. so maybe there is a slight disconnect, because of that.


one of my favorite supporting characters, is john salley. he's the computer wizzard. he's a former nba star.

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I thought this show seemed pretty far-fetched & unrealistic, but, maybe it's supposed to be?