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Today I watched an episode about Janet. It upset me for the usual reasons but then they were talking to the two sons of this woman. She was elderly because the sons were well past 40. They said they had not been to her house since 1997. 


The woman had 9 children (I think). You mean to tell me, no one was paying a visit to this woman in 15 years? 


It ended with one daughter doing many repairs, installing new flooring, replacing furnace and applicances and doing a real nice job making her Mom's house looking quite nice. This woman had 9 kids and it looked like only one of her children stuck around to really help.

This is because eventually the children give up. If you think your mother cares more about trash than you then you probably have to remove yourself at some point. I'm always struck when I watch this show that it might be the worst mental illness to cause almost total selfishness. Probably up there with substance abuse.