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I just learned a couple I know quite well, are living in a hoarder situation.   The surprise to me was who is the actual hoarder!   Am still reeling a bit on that one.


A member of my family was a hoarder; the behavior started after losing everything in a fire.  After that, she could never have enough in order to feel secure, but the family kept her stuff under control.   She had lots of stuff, but the house was not a fire hazard or unsafe for her.   

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@ interesting to actually know someone in that situation!

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I did watch a hoarders show today and they went back to the ladies house 3 years later, to see if she was able to keep the house reasonably clean. She put alot of effort into keeping it clean and upgrading appliances, flooring and the outside. It was so good to see the pride she now had in herself and her house.


But many of the shows I just can not watch. There was one show, Beverly, she did not take her dogs out for walks enough. And the carpet upstairs was just covered in their "dirt".


She talked about how much she loved the dogs. Even had a closet of outfits she bought for them. But she has them walking through that mess. I think if she really loved them, she would clean up any mess, so the dogs would not have to walk through the stuff. And also I am sure the dogs would be glad to go outside for walks.


One lady had 3 containers of spoiled milk. I think one container was 6 months old. It just amazes me that she isn't getting rid of the 3 containers of spoiled milk. She also showed a piece of watermelon that she bought. It disintegrated so much it was only the rind. Yet, she took it out and then put it  back in the refrigerator.


I am the first to admit my house is not perfect but it is sad to see so many people need help.

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i feel so clean when i watch this show.......and so skinny when i watch 600lb life while snacking.....ugh.....

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The new season starts   July 20 at 8 PM


I do watch sometimes but I cant watch when the place is full of rats and mice, roaches, bugs, expired rotting food. I cant believe that is in the catagory of Hoarding! 




Sometimes the thick dust, huge webs, animal feces, is disgusting!


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I can't watch this show it makes my stomach turn.  This is obviously a serious mental illness.  I feel sorry for the families. And crikey! how would you like to have a neighbor like that?  Bugs crawling in your house from there,smell etc.  

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Makes me anxious so I've never watched the show all the way through. It's my nightmare. Being a sloppy-dude hoarder would be my FIL if family would have allowed it. My tidy, military dad used to annoy me with his tasks, schedules and living below his means. I remember getting five-minute lectures when I kept a messy car or walked past a throw rug and flipped up the corner and kept walking. Hey dad -- thank you.         

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What I always wonder is how is collecting urine in jars Man Frustrated feces on the floor, thick webs, dead rodents,  HOARDING?  It is lazy and filthy to meMan Mad

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Today I watched an episode about Janet. It upset me for the usual reasons but then they were talking to the two sons of this woman. She was elderly because the sons were well past 40. They said they had not been to her house since 1997. 


The woman had 9 children (I think). You mean to tell me, no one was paying a visit to this woman in 15 years? 


It ended with one daughter doing many repairs, installing new flooring, replacing furnace and applicances and doing a real nice job making her Mom's house looking quite nice. This woman had 9 kids and it looked like only one of her children stuck around to really help.