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I really like most of the flipping/rehab shows.  My absolutely favorites are Good Bones and Flip or Flop (original).  However, I'm ready for some variety.  I remember when House Hunters used to be on ALL THE TIME.  I see that it's on a few nights a week now and that's about it.  I got tired of it too though.  I'm not into gardening but shows like Design Star, as somebody already mentioned, and Designed to Sell as well as something new would sure help HGTV,

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Property brothers....I don't watch or like their shows.  I miss The Ford's, a brother and sister team.

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I do really like Selling The Big Easy on friday nights! It is a house hunter show, only in New Orleans! It is good, and the host is very funny, and it is a little different!

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Love it or List it is the only HGTV show I watch, and it...

 Love it or List it is the only HGTV show I watch, and it is only on Mondays from 1:00pm onward.  It may be on for a few hours one other day in the week, but not always.

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@deeva wrote:

@caroln242 wrote:

The only show that kept my attention lately is Rock the Block where there are 4 designers competing to make their house sell for the most  money.


That and Windy City Rehab, where Alison found out her general contractor was skimming money off the top.  Wow...couldn't believe they actually aired that!

They're probably airing it because of the lawsuits against Alison. It's been in the Chicago newspapers several times since last year. 

Only started to watch HGTV again during this quarantine!!


Haven't been following, but what better way to defend yourself than film it and show that you're not the problem.  Not only that, but that you are trying to make right all your former dirty partner's wrongs.  She probably has a contract with HGTV and earns a fee for filming too (that she probably dearly needs right now!)

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I still enjoy Love It or List It even though I know it's incredibly fake.  I also enjoy House Hunters although some of the new ones come on at 11:00 p.m. and I can't stay up that late to watch. 

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I guess to each his own. I still love to watch some of the HGTV shows:


I love the FLip or Flop shows the original with Tarek and Christina,  Vegas (even though the wife has awful taste in decor). Brother vs Brother, Property Brothers, Boise Boys, Hometown, Good Bones, and Christina on the Coast.  


I use to love Chip and Joana as well.


I am not a fan nor do I watch Love it or List it or House Hunters, that show has been on forever. Seriously, it has to be over 20 years.



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I still really like and enjoy


Love It or List It( David and Hilary are so funny), and she does wonderful designs..


House Hunters and House Hunters Intl.


Flip or Flop-still like this one too!


I wonder when some of the other Flip or Flops will come back, like Nashville, and Las Vegas, I also like Hometown....


I do agree HGTV needs some new programming though....Maybe in 2021~!

@CANDLEQUEEN - I like these shows also and wish some of the Flip or Flops would come back, especially Desert Flippers.

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We were so bored spouse & I started watching "My Lottery Dream House" and I'd say "Ohhhhhhh David!"


We do enjoy the show -- so now on Sundays he buys me 1-$10 lottery scratch off ticket & puts a note on it: "Ohhhhhh David"...


It's funny cuz spouse is all about just having a nice house me oh no "I'm getting a big house on the beach"!


I'm planning on getting it as soon as he spends "his last $10" and I win the far we've won zero zip nada...but it's fun to "dream" and takes a few minutes out of our daily "reality"🙂🙂😉

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I like Windy City Rehab  I've liked Alison Victoria since Kitchen Crashers on HGTV