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I still really like and enjoy


Love It or List It( David and Hilary are so funny), and she does wonderful designs..


House Hunters and House Hunters Intl.


Flip or Flop-still like this one too!


I wonder when some of the other Flip or Flops will come back, like Nashville, and Las Vegas, I also like Hometown....


I do agree HGTV needs some new programming though....Maybe in 2021~!

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Love HGTV. I like to watch how they reconfigure a home. I love to watch them do the decorations in these "new" homes. Dislike DIY shows, never even looks close to professional. I guess there is something for everyone.

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I loved a show called Renovation Realities where couples did their own renos. It would just be one room they were tackling. Sometimes it was too funny, the things that went awry, especially if it was a kitchen or bathroom redo. But I haven't seen it in awhile and can't remember if it was on HGTV or some other channel.

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Restoring Galveston is a great show on DIY - used to be on HGTV.  I'm still not crazy about the tear down part but I love seeing the houses in the area and the "after" is always beautiful.  

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I love this show too. Wish they would bring it back. 

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I no longer watch HGTV.  I did find awesome ladies on YouTube.  My favorite is The Recycled Life.  They really should have a television show!  These ladies got me thru the lockdown and their spirits are uplifting.  

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Wish they would do more realistic garden shows so that the G in their HGTV name is included.  There is a new one that I did watch but the remakes are just too out-there and unaffordable for me.  I did like the garden shows that they used to have years ago before they decided to concentrate on all the renovation type shows.  After awhile they all look and sound alike.

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What happened to this network?  There used to be interesting decorating segments - not its all flipping and renovation.


They used to have an interesting competition called Design Star - why not bring that back?  They used to have recreations of high end designs with bargain lookalike pieces.  I'd like to see more design and less tear down.


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Does anyone remember a decorating show from the late 90's called Decorating Cents? It used to be on before I had kids and I worked so I would record it because I liked it so much. I wish they would bring it back.

They had great tips and ideas for a small budget.


I don't remember the name of the woman, was it Joan something? I liked her calm style. She used to host the Whitehouse Christmas shows too.


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Yes, I remember this show. The host was Joan Steffend.