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Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

This is a show on Fox, Wednesday night at 9:00. I usually don't watch these types of shows, but do I want to watch the Mets, NO!! The premise of the show is the contestants vie to have Gordon partner with them in their business. Anyway last night they had two teams of three going on air live (I won't give anything away) on QVC selling products. On each team two contestants were on air and the other was behind the scenes producing the 20 minute segment. Alberti was on, as well as bigwigs behind the scenes who were to critique the teams. I'll just say it is much harder than it looks on tv. 

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Re: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

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Re: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

@Jordan2  I caught the second part of the show after I learned about it on this website. It was very interesting, and it does really seem difficult.

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Re: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

I watched it last night, it was a lot of fun and I liked how the contestants really had to think quickly and react to so many curveballs in their presentations. I love how fiery and opinionated Gordon Ramsay is and Alberti was upbeat and lively just like on QVC Smiley Happy.  

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Re: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

It was very interesting. The contestants didn't have a lot of time to learn how to use the products and present them on tv. 

It seemed very intense. A lot of things can go very wrong on live tv.

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Re: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

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I've been watching the show all season even though I really don't like it.  At this point, I don't care who wins.  I saw last night's QVC show and it went exactly the way I thought it would except for that "surprise" at the end.  Which I agreed with.

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Re: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

Enjoyed it! Alberti was great! Smiley Happy

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Re: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

I have been watching the show from the beginning and have enjoyed its premise and challenges.  The QVC tie in was genius for Ramsay's show and QVC.  Alberti was wonderful as usual. 

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Re: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

I did see it and was surprised to see the QVC and Alberti tie-in.  Yeah, I guess a lot of us think -- how hard can it be -- just stand there and talk about something.  Well, that really showed that it's not that easy.  You really have to be prepared and know what you're talking about and be able to talk direction and pivot quickly.  

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