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I thought it was just ok.  The 30-minute sit-coms are not usually my favorite, but I will probably watch a few more times.  My Thursday night favorite is still Death in Paradise, but they are in reruns right now.

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I dvr'd it but haven't watched it yet. I loved Patricia Heaton on "Raymond" and "The Middle". Never found her annoying at all. She was soooo funny!! Hope I like her new show. 

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I actually enjoy Patricia Heaton. that being said, I thought the show was so terrible  that I won’t give it a second watch.




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@suziebee1 wrote:

I was worried they would make her annoying, just like she was as Frankie on The Middle.  Well, I was wrong - I think she was more annoying.  If she doesn't calm down, I'm out.  She was a bit annoying on Everbody Loves Raymond, annoying on The Middle, and now she is really annoying.  I wonder what she is like in real life.



I have always disliked the characters she has played.  I will check out her new show....but the clips I’ve seen so far don’t look good to me!  

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I do like Patricia heaton, but I agree that the characters she has playd are pretty annoying. I thin The Middle was one of the best written and producd shows ever, but she was annoying. And in Raymond, she kind of had to be mean to survive that family!.


That said, I think this will be one of the first shows cancelled. When they have to use a laugh track to tell us what is supposed to be funny, I am out. Plus, she was too much over the top last night. I may watch one more, but, sorry to say, that may be my first new show casualty.

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Maybe it's time for Patricia's fourth act? 

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I have to watch it before I see my friend, the doctor, next weekend.  We were talking about that show because it's similar to her real life.  She was widowed at 34 and went to medical schools when she was 36.  She had two school age children.  I didn't know her back then but she tells some funny stories about being the oldest person in her medical school class and being the intern who was older than the chief residents. 

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@chiclet  Yeah I agree. In places it did seem silly, childish almost if you get me.  We'll give her another whirl or two and see what happens. I don't expect it to get much better.


Nothing good on Thurdsay night for our liking so we did end up watching 4 half-hour shows, 2 of which we've never seen. I actually do enjoy Young Sheldon, this little guy plays a great role and well, is funny.



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At least it is a new concept. Starting over in a new hard profession. Beats sitting around a coffee table doing nothing.

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All the comedies now on tv suck. not like the good old days 

all in the family sanford and son  etc...