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@Sooner wrote:

A study in what can go terribly wrong when someone is getting older and trying too hard to be relevant.  




Well, I guess that's one possibility. 


Personally, when I saw the photos, my first thought was they really used the wrong photographer for this cover shoot.

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Horrible!  I would be disappointed in myself if I was the photographer.  Not a superfan of BP by any means,  but he is better looking than profiled in these photos.

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He's no model, to me.  His best look is when he was Tristin with blonde hair.  That was the best look for him.  But this is probably someone elses idea on how to pose him. I wonder what he thinks of this magazine cover.

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Yes, Tristin of Legends of the Falls!! Lived that movie . Where I first became aware of him.!
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From "Meet Joe Black"


Brad Pitt in 'Meet Joe Black' | Brad pitt, Brad pitt young, Brad pitt  pictures

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A handsome man turned into a freak.  No thanks.

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Very strange photos, especially that cover photo. But I still think he is handsome, and to me he has always looked a little like a younger Robert Redford in a lot of ways...These photos are just weird, and very different fo him I suppose! 

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I read the article yesterday that was written about him this week.  He is winding down his career and he as been sober now for 6 years.  He joined a group of men, did not say whether it was AA or not that as been a tremendous help to him.  He tried to give up cigarettes but as been unable to do so.  The article showed that cover but I do not remember reading what the meaning was for the pose.  What I took from the article is he wants a better life for himself and his children.  I am sure that does not involve good looks or sexiness at this point in his recovery.

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He looks some like David Bowe here...definitely showing his age...


I do not care for the cover or any of the pictures...he is getting too old for GQ