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I thought this would be an interesting topic, name the top 10-15 shows or movies you've streamed this year ( maybe we will discover something we missed). In no particular order these are my picks ( I'm sure I will think of more, and Ted Lasso would top the list but we didn't see a new season this year).

1. The Bear (HULU)

2. Severance (AppleTV)

3. Surface (AppleTV)

4. Bad Sisters (AppleTV)

5. The White Lotus season 2 (HBOMAX)

6. Shining Girls (AppleTV)

7. Black Bird (AppleTV)

8. Wednesday (Netflix)

9.The Watcher (Netflix)

10. Uncoupled (Netflix)

11. Emily In Paris (Netflix)


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Re: Best of 2022

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I liked a "Friend of the Family" on Peacock, but that's mainly because I have a family member who was a young actress in it!

I also loved Pam and Tommy, which is either Netflix or Hulu.

I loved the Hulu movie with Emma Thompson that's called something like Thank you, Leo Grande" (don't remember title exactly)

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@Goldengate8361 , it is called Good Luck to You.  LM

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I was hoping some of you would list your favorites, maybe I could get recommendations on shows I might have missed. 

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Don't Look Up The Queen's Gamb...

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Don't Look Up
The Queen's Gambit
Behind Her Eyes
The Watcher
Luckiest Girl Alive
The Chalk Line
The Good Nurse
The Unexplained
Flower of Evil (Also on Amazon Prime Video)
Anne With an E

The Call (Halle Berry one. There's two movies with this title)
The Bleeding Edge
Mr. Harrigan's Phone
The Sinner, Season 1

Unsolved Mysteries. These are new episodes.

The Age of Adaline

The Lincoln Lawyer

Stay Close  ( Harlan Coben movies. The others are awful. This one is good.)

Midnight Mass

The Kominksy Method
ALL ABOVE ON NETFLIX, They vary in how good they are.

Good Girls Revolt

An Inspector Calls


The Immitation Gang

Best in Show

Rectify (Also on AMC, AMC+. Still on Prime but no longer free there, but it was so good I'd pay for it)

The Courier

The Fall




The Flight Attendant

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My favorite this year:  Firefly Lane (Netflix)

                                      Emily in Paris (Netflix)

                                      Call Me Kat (with Leslie Jordan on Fox)

                                      Ted Lasso (Apple tv)

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Re: Best of 2022

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Here are some I have watched. Not just related to 2022.  Enjoy!   LM


The White Lotus, series

prisoners, movie

Slow Hores, series

Three Pines

1899, prequel to Yellowstone

1923, requel to Yellowstone

The Good Nurse, Eddie Redmayne, movie

Your Honour, series

Mare of Easttown, Series, Kate Winslet

Official Secrets, movie

Unforgiven, series

The Devils Hour, series

Shantaram, series

The Watcher, series

True Detective, series

Bloodlines, series

I Came By, movie, Hugh Bonneville

The Mosquito Coast, series


Traces, series

Karen Pirie, series

The Handmaids Tale, series


Ridley, series

Annika,  Nicola Walker

Marriage, Nicola Walker

Godless, series, Michelle Dockery


Halt and Catch Fire, series

River, Nicola Walker

Good Luck to You Leo Grande, Emma Thompson, movie

Official Secrets, movie


House of the Dragon, series, Game of Thrones related

Sanditon, series

Bridgerton, series

Inventing Anna, series

Downton Abbey, A New Era, movie


The Offer, Matthew Goode, series

Outer Range, series

Pachinko, series

The First Lady, Gillian Anderson

Touching Evil, Nicola Walker

The Split, Nicola Walker


Anatomy of a Scandal, Michelle Dockery

Before We Die, series

A Million Little things, series

Gentleman Jack, series


Pieces of Her, series (Karin Slaughter book)

Gaslit, Watergate like story

The Bay, series

The Gilded Age, series

The Crown, series

Trigger Point, series

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, series, Joan River's life story


A Place to Call Home, series




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The Shape of Water.......stunning!

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How could I forget Dead To Me on Netflix?