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Susan was wearing a small matching scarf around her neck yesterday when wearing several of the TSV outfits.   Does anyone know whether the scarfs were available to purchase?   I listened to a few of the presentations but never heard any mention of the scarfs and; unless I'm missing it, I don't seem to find anything online either.

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I heard her mention she was using the cardigan as a scarf.

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I heard Susan mention earlier in the day she was wearing 2 small scarves.


Later in the day they were playing around with the tanks, shirts, jackets & she rolled up one of the TSV mesh cardigans & draped it across the display on the hanger & said it could be used as a scarf too.


I don't believe the scarves she was wearing throughout the day were ever offered for sale. Not that I ever saw anyways.

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Maybe it was to camouflage a crepey neck or conceal the healing of some work she had done to it

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I'm surprised she doesn't have any summer scarves in her line.