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GALS!! (as they say on QVC). have a wonderful weekend!

please stay fashionable!

going to see my girl TAY-TAY tonight in atlanta.

i'll be the old people in the audience NOT wearing cropped/capri pants and a duster!

as Jane Treacy would say,  "I'M LITERALLY FREAKING OUT!!". LITERALLY!!

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Re: taylor swift tonight!!…

Have a wonderful time!!! I am going to see her later this summer with my daughter!! SO excited! Would you please come back here and post your review after the show? I have so many questions....Smiley Happy

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Re: taylor swift tonight!!…

@ltko51 Have a fantastic time!  I envy you and others who can go.  I honestly wasn't a huge fan of hers until this tour and all the videos I'm seeing showcase what a performer she is and it looks like the concerts are amazing.  It's not in my budget to see her so I'll live vicariously through those that do Smiley Very Happy

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Re: taylor swift tonight!!…


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Re: taylor swift tonight!!…

@ltko51 You will have a great time!

I am just sorting out what to pack for my daughter & I to go to Chicago next week to see Suga in concert.

We say all of BTS last April in Las Vegas & it was amazing.

This year Suga is doing a solo tour. I have watched video of it & we can't wait!