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I have not been able to complete an order in 3 weeks on line. I call and everyone is sorry after I wait on the phone for twenty minutes.. I will not be ordering anything until this is fixed. I am not sure anyone can fix it. What has happened to customer service? I have been patient long enough. 

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Since you're the only person reporting this problem, has it occured to you that the problem is not with QVC but is on your end?  Have you tried using a different browser?  It is not unusual for them to become finicky and often switching to another completely clears up the problem.  I have 3 loaded and ready to go.  Sometimes it helps to reboot your computer.


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Sometimes just clearing the cookies helps...not sure why...but it does 

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@jmvsp  If you haven't already, reboot your computer.  If that doesn't work, @Kachina624  gave excellent pointers, try those.  Sometimes rebooting or using a different browser does the trick.  I don't know why, but it does.  I have had no problems ordering online with QVC.  I hope the helpful hints provided to you solve the issue.