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Re: Why always the same items on "In the kitchen with David"

I don't have time to sit and watch any shopping channel but I do look to see what has been presented and it is always the same items for most of the day. I remember several years ago when I was able to turn on the TV and watch while I was working they would have different shows with different items.. If they had a jewelry show the presenter would know her/his stuff and it would hold your interest and even encourage buying. No more. The same products show after show. Most things are rushed but the items that they are really pushing seem to go on and on.

I might turn on a video to get more info about a product and I have to fast forward to get to the actual info I want IF they ever get around to it. Shopping channels were bought out by big corporations long ago and the changes that they have made are not good.

Shopping in most department stores are not much better (but they are better). It is mostly all the same plastic or polyester junk from China or some other third world country that has a lot of voiceless people who will work for slave labor wages. I have to search just to find some socks with cotton in them for me and the kids. I don't like polyester socks. Now they are putting polyester in jeans! I don't mind a little bit of stretch but, no thanks to polyester! We have been sold out.

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Re: Why always the same items on "In the kitchen with David"

@Kachina624  It's great that you found a brightly colored toaster somewhere lol but that product isn't going to make it to QVC without the vendor first attempting to get it sold there.


Sure, the same things pop up over and over--it's all sales-driven. Clearly, customers want those items (and that's also why, as another poster noted, the warehouses are full of them). 


Other items are available from QVC, as on any other shopping site, but they devote on-air time to products which move. And they move because, again, that's what people want.


It's pretty simple, really.

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