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We purchased our white tree from about six years and it looks as nice today as the first time we set it up.  I definitely would go with the LED lights because this year two sections of our lights were out and I had to rewire it.  What a pain.


But the shape is beautiful and the branches are in perfect condition.  They have so many different shapes and sizes. 


Bonanzajellybeanhas definitely made an excellent recommendation.  Definitely check out the site.

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I bought a beautiful tree @Lowe's a couple yrs ago. The branches look so real, you have to tuch it to make sure. Take a look at places you wouldn't think of for trees!!

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Hate white trees or flocked trees. Not a fan whatsoever.  We need to go back to the basics. natural trees. In the 1950s everyone had real fresh greens. None of this plastic junk from China.

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