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i have been looking for years for a whilte christmas tree with multi color lights. I do not want it flocked or semi flocked.  I was very impressed with the new full size Bethlehem Lights trees that are on the QVC sets. That's what I've been searching for but in whitle. A tree that size or a medium size. I would prefer the LED lights because they seem to be brighter but not glaring and less problematic. Height 6 1/2' or 7 1/2"

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I haven't seen any white trees lately that weren't flocked.

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My parents had a white tree many, many years ago.  Haven't seen them for sale in a very long time.  Maybe they'll make a comeback?

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I am seeing a lot of white trees near me. Very retro!

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I love those! has them. 

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Have a look on H212177 for a white tree 6.5" multi or a 7.5' H212178 in clear or multi colored...

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YEARS ago, when I was growing up, I saw a white Christmas tree in Sears, decorated only in blue ornaments. I thought that was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen. When I built my house 20yrs ago, I bought a white tree at K-Mart. It was gorgeous shaped! I loved it for many yrs, til it began to turn yellow. I think a white tree trimmed in gold is so pretty. I have seen more white trees than normal this yr. also. 

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@Fressa  I just saw on Michaels website that there is a 7.5' white (not flocked) tree still available to ship.  I was on the hunt for a flocked tree this year, and was able to get one from Michaels with free shipping, and just love it.



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Walmart. $40 for a 6.5 white tree with colored lights.  

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I did look at that tree and it is flocked.  I considered it because I thought it would match the BL garland that I have from previous years but the S&H was too pricey. The other reviews were mixed about the fullness of the tree. Therefore, I decided to search for the tree the that I really wanted.