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I love Vionics and I love the Q. I have several different pairs of the Tide II. I can run around in these all day, my feet do not hurt.

So, when I saw the Tide platform, that look just like the Tide II, and I am a height challenged woman, I thought, well here ya go and ordered 2 pair. Plus a different pair of Vionics.

The ones with the platform are not nearly as wide as the original. I did go back and read on the description, it does say something about ordering a wide if you enjoy the way the Tide II fit.

My question is, if you have a good thing, why mess with it? I don't wear a wide in any of my other shoes.

I didn't see this on the description and now I have 3 pairs of vionics I will be sending back, because the other pair of sandals are narrow also.


That being said, I do appreciate the variety of items I can order from the Q. I could drive an hour to the nearest mall and not find the variety of Vionics (other things as well) that QVC offers.

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I wear the tides as well as the hi tides platform Vionics.


Medium size 6, both styles fit me perfectly.    Smiley Happy