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Videos aren’t getting posted.

Items that were presented weeks ago still only have that dreary colorless and silent video in the room that is not conducive to filming - not the presentation one - or no video at all. I think QVC should stop having double hosts and start paying money to people with some computer knowledge to start posting videos and do the descriptions correctly. Having someone fix the website period would also be great but mainly fix the description pages. . I’m also tired of typing in my screen name even though I’m signed in. It’s so silly. I’ve stopped saying whether reviews are helpful or commenting on them if I have the item. I question who managenevt is at QVC. They seem to be destroying things.
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Re: Videos aren’t getting posted.



As a huge company, I am sure that QVC did an exhaustive study to determine the best use of their video time and funds.


They have probably realized that many people will buy online products without a video, as is the case with most other online shopping destinations.


Yes, I prefer the videos as well, and I certainly miss many of the high quality hosts who used to work on Q2, but I know cost-cutting is everywhere these days.