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This Year's Christmas Lineup (2019)

I watch QVC every Christmas season. Love the energy, the festivity and usually get a few products because they entirely fit a need/want for myself or a loved one. I was excited for "QVC season" to start this year.


I've been highly disappointed. :-/


The good products I already have (Halo Bolts are incredible) and the brands I was looking to get during their TSV (Keurig, Lamo, Basso) just didn't hit the mark (too small, why did they throw a tacky bow on them, and don't they have anything other than leopard print, respectively).


Got a few things, but nothing that I was truly excited for. Hoping that next year I won't have a lump of coal in my QVC stocking. :-)

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Re: This Year's Christmas Lineup (2019)

It feels like QVC sold the same dozen or so items for the last 2 months.

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Re: This Year's Christmas Lineup (2019)

I don't even know what I'd like QVC to offer, so that I would be excited to buy!


I would NG are close to zero.  Same with clothes -  close to zero interest in wintry items.