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Please ask Kim to include TALL with her pants. The back seam jeans today looked great, but longest inseam was 29....need 31! Thanks!

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I think all the brands should offer tall lengths.  Lately they've claimed to have inclusive sizing, but they forget about the tall customers.  I'd like to see tall inseams at least 34"

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At 5'9, a 32.5 is perfect for me.  There are some brands at the Q that continually carry talls, but Kim G. is not one of them.  I sent a message to her on Facebook, but no response.  However, there are many other retailers out there that carry tall.

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Couldn’t agree with you more! Stop ordering pants from her line because of it.

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29 length is like a longer crop pant on me shorter than ankle length. I don’t order pants from her line because of it.