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I'm so happy when designers do tagless clothes. Otherwise I end up taking tiny scissors to cut them out, hoping I don't put a hole in the garment. If the designer insists on their label, perhaps they could put it in a side seam instead.

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I totally agree... I have to get out the seam ripper and hope I don't

poke a hole in the garment .... they always itch my neck .... love

tagless .....

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I agree 100%. I just know that as I age my skin seems more sensitive to small irritations. Sometimes I feel like The Princess & the Pea. I just know that after washing a garment the first thing I do is take a seam ripper to the tag.

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And yes I know first world problems .....I get it ...

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I agree. I can't stand tags on the back of my neck!

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This is a pet peeve of mine also.  I have very sensitive skin and I literally get a rash sometimes from irritating tags.  Maybe they wouldn't be so bad if they actually used a better quality material for them and soft thread instead of fishing line!!!   


I do remove most of them the best I can but have actually ruined some clothing trying.

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Have a special little pair of evil, pointed scissors just for this.  Not much better when they are on the side.

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On a positive note, I've noticed more clothing items using substitutes for tags. Usually printing directly on the fabric. I used to think it was tacky to remove labels, but now I opt for comfort. 

Earlier this year I bought a shrug with a label that drove me crazy. I finally took it off at work and used the office scissors to remove. Ended up with two decent size holes. I watched a video on YouTube that showed how to close them up. It doesn't look as good as the one in the video, but at least I can still wear it.

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Yes, always wear reading glasses, even though you might be thinking that you don't need them just this one time......

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The tags on the side bother me as much if not more.  I hate to cut them off because it is a permanent record of size if I want to buy something similar.