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is it possible to get a TSV from Louis Del'Olio?. He's such a classy designer and I'm sure a TSV would go over well

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That would be awesome!! QVC are you listening? Louis Del'Olio is the classiest designer on the Q!! His fashions are timeless yet modern.Well made & reasonably priced!! Please consider doing a tsv.We have had enough of logo!!!

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Absolutely - A whisper knit TSV.

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I don't even care what it is, I'll buy multiples!

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Ditto! It has been too long! 

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Louis has been a great asset to QVC for many years. His timeless designs have garnered a faithful following. Please consider giving us a Louis TSV!  

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To all of the posts above:  AMEN!

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Yes, great idea! I've been a fan for many many years, own nearly all of his TSVs, still wear them and get compliments. I'd love to see another TSV from Louis Dell'Olio (soon, please).

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Another vote for a TSV from Louis Del'Olio.  His designs are classic and you have customers who have proved they love his clothing line. 

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Yes, to all the above requests for a LDO TSV. Please.
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