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YES, enough is enough,,,,everytime I  tune into QVC is the Apple book or whatever it is....see, don't even know what it is but I do know it is all darn day long and then tht computer guy with it - NO, NO, NO

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I know, right?   When will Josie be back on?  More Argan oil shows!

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@MaryLamb wrote:

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@MaryLamb wrote:

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Wow. The OP should ignore most of the comments so far.  OP is as entitled to an opinion just like everyone else.

Am I the only one who sees the humor and twisted logic of this?



Nothing twisted in calling out snark.  Snark reflects on the poster, not others.  OP was expressing her opinion and is not obligated to accept snark as part of it.  

@CalminHeart  What are you talking about? She wasn’t calling out snark. She was saying that people should be able to give their opinions without others commenting on or challenging them. That’s antithetical to the purpose of the forums. If you don’t want a suggestion to be up for discussion by others, there is an option on the customer service page to submit your suggestions. 


That's exactly what I said.