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If you insist on offering so much food, please offer most of it on their own show.  Too much food on ITKWD on Sundays.  Same thing applies to "Dyson" or other TSV that has nothing to do with the kitchen. An hour show before and after David's show of a TSV is enough.  Too much of the TSV turns people off from watching.

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@WORKING GAL Thank you so much for your feedback. I will make sure it is forwarded to the proper department.  We appreciate your feedback to help us with future programming. Thank you again.   

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It seems around the holidays there are always more food shows.

I hate to be obvious but if you don't like, don't watch.




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It's the Holidays and you have people sitting in a chair wondering how they are going to prepare a meal for family and friends, so why not call/click and order.



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Well if David is selling a vac - you don't have to watch him stuff his face and roll the eyes.  I left his kitchen a long time ago. 

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Too many LOGO shows.  Too many shows with Amy.

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